Founded in May 1993, Fuan Keli Long Electronics Co., Ltd. was granted a manufacturing measuring instrument license by the Provincial Bureau of Standards and Metrology in 1994. The products have passed CE safety certification and ROHS environmental protection certification. Mainly committed to water quality testing, RPM speed measurement, air quality testing and other high-tech products, products are widely used in environmental protection, aquaculture, chemical fibers, schools, energy, transportation, aerospace, electromechanical, household appliances, scientific research and other fields. At the same time, he has obtained relevant honorary certificates.
Main products: multi-parameter water quality detection (monitoring) instrument: PH acidity meter, EC conductivity meter, TDS meter, ORP redox meter, sodium meter, salinity meter; online PH, ORP, EC, TDS, temperature controller; dissolved oxygen meter; mechanical manufacturing equipment speed measurement: multi-functional tachometer, photoelectric tachometer; air environment detector: digital thermometer, temperature and humidity meter; optical detector; Instruments: refractometer; pet supplies: dog trainer; sewage submersible pump and mixer.